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08:30 AM Registration and Morning Refreshments
09:00 AM Welcome Opening Address

Welcome to HPI Secure Your Workspace. Our opening speaker will set the scene for today’s exciting program. What are the key issues for your business in today’s work environment of digital disruption and digital transformation? There is no issue more important than security, and how you protect your company – and your data – from attacks. Get ready for this day of important ideas and hopefully some new learnings.

Ullrich Loeffler

Managing Director IDC Australia & New Zealand

09:15 AM Sponsor Address Matthew Winlaw

Director, Commercial Print Solutions, HP Inc.

09:30 AM Secure The Future Workspace

The minds of every CEO must be focused on digital transformation if they are to survive and thrive in today’s business world. This means new technology and new ways of doing business – at the same time that consumers are demanding more and styles of work are shifting in a changing marketplace.
At the heart of these changes is data: its importance, its value and its protection. Data needs to be secure, no matter where it is, and data must maintain the same integrity it was created with, wherever it is stored, printed or consumed.
Simon Piff, Vice President of IDC Asia/Pacific’s IT Security Practice Business, has vast experience in IT security with the region’s leading IT organisations. In this keynote address, he’ll describe the new set of challenges for IT Security Management Teams in today’s tricky and exciting work environment.

Simon Piff

Vice President, Security Practice, IDC Asia/Pacific

10:00 AM The HP Security Advantage – Staying One Step Ahead

Cybercrime is growing exponentially. At the same time, your vulnerability to cybercrime is also growing through data at rest, in motion and in use. Electronic and paper-based workflows are at risk. You could lose your data, intellectual property and reputation and run afoul of regulatory compliance.
In this keynote address, Edmund Wingate, VP & GM, JetAdvantage Solutions, HP, will describe how you can deploy the latest security measures and secure end-points like PCs and printers – as well as devices, data, identities and documents – so your network stays secure and you can capture, exchange and print information safely. You’ll come away with a true understanding of your organisation’s vulnerabilities and the most effective security policies you can put in place.

Edmund Wingate

VP & GM, JetAdvantage Solutions, HP

10:30 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM Don’t let IoT Devices be Your Security Blind Spots

IoT devices are not secured. This represents a huge threat to your enterprise, unless you know what to do about it. Presented by Wilson Chin, Vice Head of Marketing, APAC, Splunk, and moderated by Simon Piff, Vice President, Security Practice, IDC Asia/Pacific, this keynote address will inform you how Splunk works together with HP to provide actionable security intelligence on HP printers – and how this intelligence can easily be extended to cover other threat vectors in an enterprise environment – like yours.


Wilson Chin

Vice Head of Marketing, APAC, Splunk

11:30 AM Fireside Chat with Nuance 

Data is the lifeblood of your organisation. But it’s constantly moving in and out of your organisation, hard to control and hard to protect. Compliance officers and IT directors face a difficult challenge managing the myriad and proliferating networked electronic touch points, such as mobile devices and networked multifunction printers.
Any networked device that copies, prints, scans, faxes and emails information is a vulnerability. It must be secured against unauthorised access. But security threats come from inside and outside your organisation, and affect all sizes of business. What’s your next move? Your organisation’s safety and security could depend upon it.

Nathan Taylor

VP of APAC, Document Imaging Division, Nuance

12:00 PM Networking Lunch & Solution Showcase Viewing
01:00 PM Workshop 1

Secure your Data : Information Security Imperative

Digital transformation is imperative, and at its heart is data, the lifeblood of your organisation and the core of the new digital ecosystem. In fact, IDC predicts that by the end of 2018, 65% of large enterprises will become information-based companies. How can you leverage your enterprise-wide data for competitive advantage? How do you need to rethink your data strategy for the workplace of the future? How can you treat data and information as crucial assets? In this workshop, IDC will discuss key findings of our research and provide recommendations for how you can transform your data strategies to thrive in the digital economy.

Hosted by Adam Dodds

Research Director, Channel Strategies, Alliances and Brokerage


01:00 PM Workshop 2

Secure the Enterprise Document Workflow

Everything and everyone is generating data, from your printer to your wearables. The solution is not to find more ways to ensure your data is secure but to find better ones. The volume of events and logs continues to grow. Traditional ways of detecting and anticipating anomalies are no longer sustainable. Hosted by an expert in enterprise mobility, this workshop presents the latest research with recommendations for how CIOs and other key decision-makers can ensure your data strategies can cope with the new era of mobility.


Hosted by Hugh Ujhazy

Associate Vice President, IOT Practice Lead, IDC APeJ


01:00 PM Workshop 3

Secure your Endpoint : Embrace The Elephant

Cyber security strategies are falling behind. There is way too much focus on the perimeter and not enough on the potential threats behind firewalls – including the omnipresent threat of unprotected printers. IDC has developed a strategic way of thinking about IT security in a more holistic manner called “Distributed Integrity”. During this workshop, IDC will explain what distributed integrity means and how you can use it to protect your workplace in the age of IoT and mobile devices.

Hosted by Simon Piff

Vice President, Security Practice, IDC Asia/Pacific


 03:00 PM Afternoon Tea
 03:15 PM Panel Discussion

EndPoint Security in association with HP

Our new world is the Internet of Things, connections from people to people, people to things and things to things, including multi-function printers. But with IoT comes a myriad of security challenges. How is IT security evolving to deal with this? This panel discussion will delve into real-world situations, discuss how and why the printer is often left as an unguarded back door, and why IoT requires smarter strategies than the current approaches taken by many organisations.

Moderated by Simon Piff 

Vice President, Security Practice, IDC Asia/Pacific


Carl Woerndle

Executive Director, Solutions & Integrations, Elevate Security

Hugh Ujhazy

Associate Vice President, IoT Practice Lead, IDC APeJ

Edmund Wingate

VP & GM, JetAdvantage Solutions, HP

04:00 PM Closing by IDC

You’ve heard from the best experts the region has to offer on what might be one of the most important issues facing your workplace today. You’ve taken part in engaging panel discussions and workshops. What next? Our closing speakers send you on your way with a wrap-up of today’s conference and key advice for your next steps.

Simon Piff

Vice President, Security Practice, IDC Asia/Pacific

04:05 PM Lucky Draw by HP
04:15 PM Solution Showcase at the Exhibition Area & Interactive Networking Activity 
05:30 PM End of Event